How to write a paraphrase sentence starters

Remember that you can use direct quotations of phrases from the original within your paraphrase, and that you don't need to change or put quotation marks around shared language.

The method below is not only a way to create a paraphrase but also a way to understand a difficult text. Create, or have someone create, a multiple-choice list of rephrased sentences corresponding to a single original sentence. Next Steps I hope this post has demonstrated that you can write your ideas down in a clear and simple way and still satisfy the marking criteria for complex sentences.

You or your students will pick the best one, the one which most closely matches the original meaning. What is a complex sentence? Unless your assignment is to do a formal or "literal" paraphrase, you usually don?

Children of the poor at the turn of the century received little if any emotional or intellectual nurturing from their mothers, whose main charge was family survival. Remember that your sentences need to also be error free so only use structures you are confident using.

When you are practicing IELTS writing questions try to think of what you want to say in simple sentences and then think of how these might be linked into complex sentences.

Successful vs. unsuccessful paraphrases

With each word worth ten cents, create a twenty-word paraphrase of a given sentence or paragraph. The roles of the experts include employing unit nurses and overseeing the care of special patients nurse managerteaching and otherwise integrating new personnel into the unit clinical nurse specialist and nurse clinicianand policy-making nurse clinician.

This will lead naturally to some changes in wording.

Paraphrase Sentences and Paragraphs Online

Just as the educational experts described above do not directly teach students, the experts in this unit do not directly attend to patients. This helps you investigate the different ways that you can change any sentence.

We have professional team members who specialize in many different fields and we will make sure to assign you with someone who is familiar with your subject matter. We rearrange sentences or paraphrase them so that we can repeat what someone else has said using our own very unique wording.

To mother was to work for and organize household subsistence. Paraphrasing Blocks of Text Paraphrasing can be done with individual sentences or entire paragraphs.

Highly qualified with a postgraduate degree relevant to the source text Fully experienced at paraphrasing in your area Knows how to format your work and cite sources Fully understands the rules of plagiarism Is a native level English speaker Guaranteed Help That You Can Trust We want to ensure that you always receive paraphrasing that you will be happy to use as your own and be fully satisfied with.

Within the staff nurses there is also a hierarchy of seniority. All you need to do is contact us. The practice and practice can make you perfect in this job.

Summarize when you want to give the general outline, or an overview of a lot of material. Summarizing is telling the main ideas that someone wrote, but not all the details. Many will turn to some of the free services that are available that use software to perform paraphrasing.

Concentrate on answering the question and if you know how to use these structures they will flow naturally. Relative Clauses You can use relative clauses to give essential or extra information about a person, place, or thing.

Methods of Paraphrasing Look away from the source then write. Click here to return to the homepageor click one of the links below to check out more great IELTS stuff.

At this stage, you might also break up long sentences, combine short ones, expand phrases for clarity, or shorten them for conciseness, or you might do this in an additional step. The final paraphrase might look like this: Feel free to speak to a friend, teacher, or even one of our helpful employees.

To make a complex sentence we normally should have two things- a dependent clause and an independent clause.

How to paraphrase a source

In this case, the focus of the paper is the effect of economic status on children at the turn of the century, so the writer begins with children: To mother was to work for and organize household subsistence.

What I have done is take each of the four simple sentences and put them together in two complex sentences. They have lost control of the grammar and this affects the meaning.Paraphrase Sentences and Paragraphs Online When you’re trying to gain meaning from a complex piece of work, you may need to paraphrase at different points in the text as you go along.

Once all of these paraphrases are complete, you can see a pattern of meaning start to emerge.5/5. Paraphrasing is not about swapping words or changing the order to rearrange sentences.

It is about understanding the source and repeating the meaning. This can only be done by someone that understands both the subject area and the process of paraphrasing. “Paraphrase” is a verb which means to re-write a phrase or sentence with the same meaning but using different words.

Paraphrasing is a very important skill for most English tests. If there are any words, ideas, or meanings that are unclear, look them up.

For example, if you're paraphrasing the work of a person from a different culture or time, you may want to look up references to people, places, events, etc.

that are not familiar to you. Write a paraphrase in your own words. Sep 03,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write a Good Topic Sentence. Four Parts: Writing a Successful Topic Sentence Planning Your Topic Sentences Avoiding Common Problems Sample Topic Sentences Community Q&A Perfecting the skill of writing topic sentences is essential to successful essay writing%(78).

Write down or paste a photocopy of the passage. Underline the author's main points. “ Marriage was a greater influence on the course of many of the women’s lives than choice of .

How to write a paraphrase sentence starters
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