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Under the new Income Tax Law, a maquiladora operation requires that: Once the operation Mexico maquiladora established and running, the shelter firm ensures compliance with all Mexican laws and regulations.

These inspections can result in delays and fines, if goods are not properly declared. Bythese were spread in the interior parts of the country, although the majority of the plants were still near the border.

Abuses Against Women Workers Share Print The Mexican government fails to protect women from pregnancy testing and other discriminatory treatment in export-processing factories maquiladoras along the U.

Globalization, increased competition from other low-cost locations, and tax cuts have put maquiladoras on the spot and challenged them to step up their efforts to become innovative.

Based on the specific manufacturing or assembly needs of the client, the shelter firm looks for and leases an appropriately-sized building for them, and handles all of the real estate transactions, permits and legal work required to acquire the facility.

These range from first class new industrial parks with full infrastructure, to much older buildings in older neighborhoods. Begin Enjoying the Benefits—Contact Us Contact us for a confidential discussion or a free pro forma analysis of your specific operation in Mexico at Mexico maquiladora e-mail us at sales tacna.

David Cuellar Francisco J Zamora The tax reform impacted the Maquiladora industry in Mexico with several rules that increased the tax burden and limited the benefits of this regime.

Goods manufactured or assembled in Mexico can be delivered to factories on the U. Manufacturers must meet certain conditions to qualify as maquiladoras, and the imported raw materials and equipment are tax-free as long as the final products are exported. The rate is higher for clients small groups of employees and declines as an operation grows in size of labor pool.

Typical risks insurable in the U.

Maquiladoras in Mexico: Benefits and Challenges

Raw or semi-finished inventories may only stay in Mexico for 18 consecutive months. Among them are establishing the legal entity, finding or building a suitable facility, issuance of a Immex and other permits by the Mexican government, completing an environmental impact report, registration with federal, state and municipal agencies, contracting utility services, classifying all products under the harmonized tariff code for import and export purposes and tracking of all inventory and equipment temporarily imported to Mexico, to name a few.

Most buildings are rented on a triple net basis, however the property tax element of triple net in Mexico is much lower than it is in most U. TACNA sources appropriate recyclers.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Maquiladoras

Starting inthis benefit would apply provided a certification is secured. Tax law changes typically are implemented at the beginning of each calendar year.


After all, since the bosses work together to keep down wages and keep out health and safety standards, one job is, generally speaking, as good as the next. We obtain and maintain all necessary permits and help you comply with the laws in Mexico.

As result, turnover is lower than the turnover seen in minimum-wage jobs in the U. Benefits and Challenges Maquiladoras in Mexico: Electronics is the biggest industry among the maquiladoras, but the factories make everything from auto parts to garments. Some of the laws are yet to be published in the official gazette, but most of those laws will become effective January 1, Mexico Shelter Manufacturing 1.

Mexico's Maquiladoras: Abuses Against Women Workers

In any case, the legal and tax provisions and a qualified professional should be consulted. Perhaps the biggest public health and environmental threat caused by these factories come from the issue of hazardous waste storage.

Many survive on less than 1, calories a day--half of Mexico maquiladora considered necessary to remain healthy. Yet by concentrating large numbers of workers in crucial industries and by stoking their resentment, bosses on both sides of the border have created the conditions for anger to turn into action.

This violence never spilled over in any significant way to the Maquiladora industry. Some carriers can pick up your load in the U.CPI offers several programs, Maquiladora Shelter Program for companies seeking a turnkey entry into manufacturing in Mexico, and Administrative Services which allows our clients to pick from a menu of services.

We look forward to speaking with you about the advantages of Manufacturing in Mexico, your Nearshore Solution.

Recruiting for the maquiladora sector in Mexico. We understand the culture and behaviors in Mexico as well as global corporate values. Our search consultants are experts in multicultural talent that can thrive in Mexico working for a multinational organization with global management practices.

Establishing a maquiladora in Mexico provides many benefits and is rooted in a program that has brought foreign investment to the country for over 50 years. Manufacturing in Mexico as a maquiladora under the IMMEX (maquiladora) program is a strategy being used by small, medium and large, multi-national organizations seeking a low-cost manufacturing alternative to China, Canada and the United States.

Whether an organization is in the Aerospace, Medical Device, Electronics, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Metal Mechanics, Industrial or Textile. Listen to the biggest hits from Maquiladora, including Buddy, Mr. Grey, The Lighting of the Night, and more on Slacker Radio. By Luis G.

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Reséndiz. In prior articles we discussed the new requirements to qualify as a maquiladora for income tax and permanent establishment purposes under Mexico’s new income tax law (the New LISR). Over the last few weeks, Mexico’s Tax Administration Service (SAT) has signaled that it intends to apply the new requirements strictly.

Mexico maquiladora
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